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Gail S. Diederich


Gail, a Franklin, North Carolina native who has lived most of her adult life in Tampa, Florida, is a veteran educator of 32 years (24 years elementary teacher, 8 years as reading specialist); a 12 year Tampa Bay Times staff writer and the author of six books:

NEW BOOK - October 2020

Butterfly Life Cycle

               As Told by Skye - a Black Swallowtail

From a tiny egg to a beautiful butterfly, the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly is an incredible journey.

The narrative of this story is told through dialogue between Skye, a Black Swallowtail as she guides her sister, Laya, along the path of laying eggs and watching them go through the life cycle. Laya, with an attitude about "the worms", as she calls the larvae, is doubtful there will be butterflies. A satisfying change of heart comes to Laya with Skye's help.  

Fact boxes on most pages supply scientific information and at the story's end resources are listed for more study, along with a chart of the Black Swallowtail stages.

Written for at a reading level approximate for 6-8 years olds, the FACT boxes and photos appeal to all ages.

Great instructional book for teachers and students. 

I'll Take Care of Violet

 Illustrated by Meaghan Wolf, water color artist

An African Violet family, spanning 25 years, provides the background for a gentle story told in the voice of Violet, the potted plant in the middle of three generations. Two human sisters, both with "green thumbs", are the nurturers of the hearty, ever-blooming and strong reproducing plants. Subtle watercolor pictures complement this sweet story of a common much loved houseplant.

 Sandhill Cranes, Family Times

Clara, a Sandhill Crane with a badly injured leg, takes readers on a journey as she recuperates, telling of her friends' nesting and hatching of rusty colored fuzzy chick and their growth to juveniles under the close watch of vigilant parents. Clara's heartwarming triumphant story is accompanied with many facts and abundant photos, allowing readers of all ages to learn about the fascinating life and habits of Florida Sandhill Cranes. 

Carolina Wrens, Their Family Story

     Story and Photographs by Gail Diederich

A pair of Carolina Wrens chose a tiny clay pot outside a kitchen graden window to make their home and raise a family. From first twig in the next to the last fledgling taking to the trees, their story was captured in detail with photos and description. Readability is for children ages 6-9 but the remarkable story and pictures are enjoyable for all ages. 

Tales of Two Gails,

co-authored with Gail Kelly Lester

Memoirs of two lifelong friends, both named Gail, who endured many hardships including family dysfunctions and abject poverty on their paths to becoming strong, successful and independent women. They were each influenced by loving grandparents.

Barley, A Possum's Own Story

with Lea Murray and Barley

A tiny possum could have been a vulture's meal when his mother was hit by a car but a caring vet technician stepped in and gave the little fellow a chance to live. He helps tell his heartwarming story that has won friends worldwide. With more than 40 color photos and lots of possums facts, this is a story that appeals to all ages and is sure to be a teacher's delight in a classroom of any age.

Tales of Two Gails published by iUniverse Press, Bloomington, IN

The remaining books all published by Peppertree Press, 1269 First St., Suite 7, Sarasota, FL